Samsung is facing a lot of 2013 unleash date pressure on its next generation Galaxy S5 than anyone would have thought once the year began. The trend that’s seen sales of the Galaxy S4 fail once simply a number of months on
the market seems to not be associate degree trade wide smartphone sales slump in any case. With Apple asserting that its iPhone sales area unit up by fifth this quarter, it seems individuals aren’t shying faraway from shopping for new smartphones; they’re shying faraway from the Galaxy S4 above all, in one in every of the a lot of surprise developments in 2013.
The reasons why area unit progressively clear in hindsight: the Galaxy S4 is simply too very similar to the S3 before it, holding the undesirable qualities just like the low cost plastic body, with its few new options just like the tumid inbuilt apps a turnoff and its stronger technical specs being unheeded. however what we’ve learned from Samsung is that once one in every of its smartphone models isn’t doing well, it merely launches another.

It’s offered too several S4 variants over the past month to stay track of, however its efforts to prevent the harm haven’t additional up. Samsung isn’t in hassle within the means that a number of its golem competitors like HTC area unit, however it faces losing the first issue that it had on its side: momentum. and also the solely factor that may rescue that momentum is that if the Galaxy S5 is launched before later.

Samsung Galaxy phones don’t tend to review well. They don’t interruption in drop tests. They don’t run the pure stock version of golem. What’s created them a success is that they’ve had common word of mouth that has unbroken their momentum going. The Galaxy S4 merely doesn’t have that, and ne'er can. It’s time for the Galaxy S5 unleash date.
If Samsung didn’t already understand that, it got its confirmation these days from Apple’s iPhone numbers. If even the aging iPhone five is outselling the Galaxy S4, and it is, then the Galaxy S5 is that the next play, albeit it will need to arrive prior supposed.

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