According to some survey the foremost common reason of harm to a smartphone is exposure to water on any fluid. and also the most typical issue of exposure of water is caused by slithering of the smartphone accidentally into the rest room. you will realize it quite humourous
however it's the survey report that tells United States regarding of these facts. Considering of these problems Apple is probably going to possess Waterproof show for iPhone six which will be capable of resisting harm by accidental spill of water.
Apple is probably going to file a patent and it suggests that Apple goes to introduce a water proof barrier which will not permit any liquid to permeate through it into the phone however conjointly forestall the water to impact its inner components of the IC to cause any major damages. There square measure several waterproof smartphones obtainable within the market like the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, Sony Xperia Z et al. therefore if Apple conjointly introduces latest iPhone six as waterproof than it'd able to gain a large cluster of shoppers. With new waterproof iPhone six the users will use it close to a pool or by the tub tub and even at the beach. The second plan was to possess a nano-coating to the phone for creating it waterproof.
In the patent the regulation of the barrier is that there'll be various layers which will facilitate protection the monitor and so forestall any harm. this may not create the iPhone absolutely waterproof rather it'll solely shield the screen from riveting water or wet.

Although Apple appears to be tweaking with newer concepts and innovation however as long because the new iPhone six isn't launched with the waterproof feature in it, we tend to aren't positive of something. The rival makers has already given a brand new dimension to their merchandise with the waterproof feature therefore it's additional possible that Apple also will step into this competition to take care of its position within the market. therefore there's an honest chance that we are going to get to visualize a water-resistant iPhone six.

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