Here area unit twenty five tips and tricks to assist create your G+ expertise nearly as good because it may be.

Work quicker and higher
1. place your mouse down, homey: you'll get around Google+ nearly completely by mistreatment your keyboard. In typical Google fashion, G+ is loaded with keyboard shortcuts. simply press shift + the punctuation key on your keyboard once you are within the main stream read and you may get a listing of accessible commands.

One common command is prominently missing from Google+'s keyboard road collection: the power to open up the notifications window. There isa workaround: From the stream read, press the forward-slash key, press Tab doubly so press Enter. it is a bit concerned, true -- kind of sort of a secret acknowledgment -- however if you are a keyboard road nut like Pine Tree State, it will not take you long to urge within the habit.

2. have to be compelled to come back to to the highest of your stream from the Google+ desktop site? you'll continuously use your keyboard's tonic key, however if you favor a mouse-oriented approach, clicking anyplace on the highest navigation bar will take you there.

3. after you mention another Google+ user in a very post or comment, A sign before you begin writing her name. Google+ can then provide you with a dropdown list of users from that you'll choose. Doing therefore can advise the person who you mentioned her; it's going to conjointly let alternative users hover over the person's name to find out additional regarding her and think about her profile.

When you mention another Google+ user in a very post or comment, A sign before you begin writing the name and Google+ can provide you with a listing of users from that you'll choose.

Spruce up your posts
4. Google+ makes it straightforward to form your posts look good: Surround any text with asterisks to show the text daring, with underscores to form it italicized, or with hyphens to grant it a strikethrough result. Those info commands add comments, too.

5. Next time you are making an attempt to seek out a specific sort of photograph from the photographs you've hold on on Google+, attempt the intelligent photograph search feature. simply head over to the Photos page (you will notice it within the left-hand menu) and kind a term into the search box at the highest of the page -- "dog," "ocean," "picnic," or any phrase that describes what is within the image you would like. The system's accuracy can surprise you.

Google+'s intelligent photograph search feature helps you to notice your photos by writing in a very descriptive word or phrase.
6. you will grasp that Google+ mechanically makes animated GIFs from connected pictures you have uploaded, however did you recognize you'll simply notice all of your animated GIFs in a very single place? simply explore for the keyword "motion" among the Google+ Photos section to visualize all the GIFs G+ has generated from your photos.

7. Google+'s automatic photograph enhancements work on pictures uploaded to Picasa, too -- even recent pictures uploaded before G+ was around. to see out enhancements created to your Picasa photos, initial take care you have signed into Google+ from an equivalent account you employ (or used) with Picasa. Then attempt looking out the Google+ Photos section for keywords like "motion," "hdr" or "mix" to visualize the enhancements in action.

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