British police arrest man a lot more than  Christmas Xbox, Playstation hacks

British police said  from  Friday they had arrested  a great  man  within  northwest England  soon after   your  2014 cyber attacks  on  Sony PlayStation  AND ALSO  Microsoft Xbox systems.

Both systems suffered  long  outages  greater than  Christmas  following   a   greatest  distributed denial  associated with   ASSIST  (DDOS) attack.  a good  hacking group calling itself Lizard Squad,  that will  had attacked  your own   two  networks  previously  last year, claimed responsibility.

"Officers ... have arrested  the  man  in  Southport, Merseyside  the particular  morning  Just as   part   of your  investigation  in to  ‘swatting’  AND ALSO  computer hacking offences," Merseyside police said  within   a great  statement.

The officers had worked closely  by the  U.S. Federal Bureau  associated with  Investigation (FBI)  for the  operation,  That  added.

No  extra   particulars   of an  arrest were  directly  available.

Swatting  is often a  term  supposed to  describe criminal activity  from   people   or perhaps  group  which   required  false  information   to help  law enforcement agencies  at the  United States, suggesting  This   the  threat exists  at   the   Particular   place   so   This  police respond  in  tactical units.     

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