Google Gives a Hint About Its Mystery Barges ll

Google has finally commented on its mysterious barges floating close to urban center and Portland, Me. however its comments don't shed a lot of light-weight on the mystery.

The barges, four stories tall and product of shipping containers, were activity in plain sight till last month, once a Cnet newsperson uncovered their cloaked association to Google. Reports have speculated that the barges may be floating information centers, traveling Google Glass stores or showrooms with party decks.

On Wednesday, Google issued its initial statement on the matter, hinting that the barges area unit showrooms for brand spanking new technology, that may embody Glass.

“Google Barge … A floating information center? A wild party boat? A barge housing the last remaining dinosaur?” the statement aforementioned. “Sadly, none of the on top of. though it’s still time period and things could amendment, we’re exploring victimization the barge as Associate in Nursing interactive area wherever folks will study new technology.”

The statement delivered to mind comments created by Larry Page, Google’s co-founder and chief government, at its I/O developers conference in Gregorian calendar month. He acknowledged that individuals usually have a visceral, fearful reaction to new technology and fantasized a couple of place to experiment with new product.

“People area unit naturally afraid of amendment,” Mr. Page said. “We haven’t designed mechanisms to permit experimentation.”

“There’s several, several exciting and necessary stuff you may try this you simply can’t do as a result of they’re illegal  or they’re not allowed by regulation,” he lamented. “And that creates sense, you don’t need our world to alter too quick. perhaps we must always put aside alittle a part of the globe — i favor progressing to Burning Man, {for example|for instance|as Associate in Nursing example} — that’s an surroundings wherever folks will try various things.”

So can the barges be an area for Google to ease folks into new technology? area unit they progressing to be like Burning Man at sea? and the way remote the coasts would Google’s barges got to float to flee all those galling laws and regulations?

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