Analysis - Facebook's ad warning sounds a note of caution for Twitter ll
Facebook Inc's investors and different proponents of the social network prefer to say that it captures one amongst the best concentrations of human attention on the earth and therefore offers a limitless chance for advertisers.

But Facebook Chief treasurer David Ebersman on Wed forged doubt on those assertions by suggesting that there is also a limit on what percentage ads Facebook will show users before they get turned off.

Ebersman's warning carries extensive implications for not solely Facebook however conjointly different social media firms together with Twitter Iraqi National Congress, that is within the middle of a roadshow to push its initial public giving to investors.

Twitter has however to show a profit however it's pitching associate degree advertising business model just like Facebook's.

"It's necessary for investors to appreciate that there's a limitation on the mobile ad revenue that may be generated. The sky is not the limit once it involves that," aforesaid Jeff Sica, the founding father of Sica Wealth Management. "That's the problem with Facebook. which will be the problem with Twitter."

Seven-year recent Twitter faces a further challenge: its active user base, currently at 230 million, has expanded  rather more slowly compared to Facebook, due partially to its struggle to retain newcomers. A recent Reuters-Ipsos poll found thirty six p.c of Twitter users don't use the net electronic communication service.

"You do not know what percentage folks sign in and do not use it, what percentage abandoned accounts they need," aforesaid Adam Grossman, associate degree analyst at Middleton & Co United Nations agency attended a roadshow lunch presentation by Twitter executives in Bean Town on weekday.

Twitter has set a value vary of $17 to $21 per share for its commerce, that aims to lift up to $1.6 billion. the value vary values Twitter at up to $11 billion, but the $15 billion that some analysts had expected.

One capitalist United Nations agency attended the weekday dejeuner aforesaid Twitter's present name can draw some investors.

"It's an organization that has modified the planet therefore i would not bet against it," aforesaid the capitalist, United Nations agency failed to need to be known. "But they conjointly haven't created a business model that has tested that they'll still grow at one hundred pc a year and be profitable."


Twitter is making an attempt to expand its ad business in different ways in which. on it closed a $350 million deal to amass MoPub, a commercial network that serves ads at intervals mobile apps.

"The client eyeballs, and therefore the quantity of ads they'll absorb while not being irritated, is finite," aforesaid made Wong, a speculator at Accel Partners, United Nations agency endowed in MoPub and AdMob, a mobile ad network that Google Iraqi National Congress noninheritable  for $750 million.

With MoPub, Twitter are going to be able to serve ads in different apps to grow revenue while not cluttering its own users' Twitter streams, Wong said. "By leasing realty, you'll expand by orders of magnitude the eyeballs you'll get to," he said.

It remains to be seen whether or not MoPub will unearth new revenue for Twitter. however some business consultants equate the deal to Google's $3.1 billion acquisition of DoubleClick in 2008, that helped the search big improve its ability to put targeted ads on web content across the net, not simply

In the case of MoPub, Twitter can serve ads at intervals third-party mobile apps, like games, instead of websites.

In late Sept, Facebook conjointly resumed work on its own mobile ad network once it seemed to place the project on hold earlier within the year, in step with many technical school blogs.

The revived effort to hunt different sources of revenue may be explained by Facebook's reluctance to point out over one ad per twenty stories during a user's news feed. Ebersman told analysts on Wed that the five p.c ad magnitude relation wouldn't increase by a lot of within the future.

That stunned some analysts and investors United Nations agency had expected a better rate.

"Five p.c is comparatively low," aforesaid Brian Blau, a Gartner analyst. "I'm stunned that it's solely 5 p.c. i used to be anticipating additional, to actually push the boundaries."


According to its capitalist prospectus, Twitter currently makes a bit over $0.65 per user compared to Facebook's $1.72. Analysts believe Twitter has area to grow in obtaining additional revenue per user as a result of Chief govt Dick Costolo has been cautious up to now regarding injecting additional ads into Twitter streams.

Twitter's format {and the|and therefore the|and conjointly the} nature of its fast-scrolling content also differs from Facebook, which suggests Twitter users is also additional tolerant of ads, aforesaid Gartner's Blau.

But if Twitter's ability to point out additional ads becomes restricted, then it'd have to be compelled to look for higher ad costs by promising marketers the power to focus on users with bigger accuracy.

In the past year, Twitter has expanded  its targeting options to point out ads to users United Nations agency sleep in sure metropolitan areas, or show interest in sure topics.

Twitter infers what its users have an interest in supported United Nations agency they follow and what they tweet. In July, the corporate conjointly began to use cookies to trace the net pages that its users visit, a usually used technique among web companies.

But even once displaying the extremely personalised ads prized by marketers, social media firms have had to weigh the worth of the ad versus their "creepiness issue," that may dash fickle users.
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