The total worth of the claims that market manufacturers will recover when suffering losses owing to data system OMX cluster Inc's bungled handling of Facebook Inc's initial public providing is $41.6 million, the exchange operator aforementioned weekday.

The claims figure, that was calculated by Wall Street's industry-funded watchdog the monetary trade administrative body, falls wanting the $62 million that data system had at the start put aside to repay brokerages that lost cash.

Nasdaq aforementioned the figure is lower partially as a result of some claims failed to qualify for compensation beneath its arrange.

The main reason for the lower figure, however, was as a result of one firm opted to undertake to recover funds through arbitration.

The announcement failed to name the brokerage, that was UBS silver.

UBS has pegged its losses from the glitch-ridden mercantilism at $350 million associated was vocal in its call to file an arbitration demand that claimed data system had profaned a contract agreement.

U.S. District decide parliamentarian Sweet, however, blocked the bank's arbitration continuing over the summer on many grounds, as well as a determination that the bank's claims failed to fall at intervals the scope of the arbitration provision in their services agreement.

"Nasdaq has incontestible that the arbitration ought to be enjoined as a result of it's doubtless to succeed on the deserves and can suffer irreparable damage," Sweet wrote.

"Given the substantial federal problems posed  by UBS claims, the threat of associate arbitration panel supplying a choice which will conflict with the choice of a tribunal during a parallel {litigation|judicial continuing|proceeding|legal proceeding|proceedings} additionally weighs powerfully against allowing UBS to proceed with its arbitration proceeding," he added.

Megan Stinson, a spokesperson for UBS, told Reuters on weekday that the bank has since appealed the choice to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. She couldn't comment more, because the case is presently beneath seal.

Facebook's problematic debut on the data system exchange on could eighteen, 2012, resulted from a systems failure that prevented the timely delivery of order confirmations and left over thirty,000 Facebook orders stuck in Nasdaq's system for over 2 hours.

Many brokerages were left within the dark speculative if their trades went through. Major market manufacturers calculable they lost together up to $500 million within the mercantilism.

Nasdaq devised an inspiration to compensate companies up to $62 million, and ordered out the factors for a way companies may be eligible to file claims.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved the compensation arrange in March, and FINRA was place answerable of process the claims for restitution.

Several months when approving the arrange, the SEC in could filed civil charges against data system, oral communication the exchange's "ill-fated decisions" on the day of the Facebook mercantilism diode to a series of restrictive violations.

Nasdaq settled the fees and united to pay a $10 million fine.

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