Walmart nowadays confirmed that it'll take in-store pre-orders for Apple's new iPhone 5c Fri morning, and can discount the smartphone to $79 with a biennial carrier contract. 
Apple introduced the iPhone fivec -- primarily a repackaged iPhone 5 however within a polycarbonate chassis that comes in 5 colours -- on Tuesday, together with the new flagship iPhone 5s. it absolutely was the primary time in Apple's smartphone history that it launched a two-tier device strategy.
Apple's asking price for the 16GB iPhone 5c is $99 with a biennial mobile contract, and $199 for the 32GB model. Sans a contract, the smartphone sells for $549 and $649 for the 16GB and 32GB configurations, severally.

"The fulfillment of pre-orders are processed on a primary come back, initial serve basis ... subject to manufacturer convenience and carrier launch dates," a Walmart representative aforementioned in Associate in Nursing email.
The big-box merchandiser will discount the iPhone 5s, with the 16GB device merchandising for $189, $10 off list, beginning Sept. 20.

Apple won't take pre-orders of the flagship iPhone 5s this cycle, a departure from past apply. Analysts have speculated that either there square measure provide constraints with the 5s -- due, perhaps, to 1 of its new elements, just like the fingerprint scanner -- or Apple is purposefully promoting the 5c over the 5s.

Other pundits have pushed the idea that Apple, eager to boost traffic in its own retail stores, abandoned pre-orders for the iPhone 5s to drive customers into the shops to reveal them to different hardware, as well as the iPad and waterproof notebooks.

Walmart's discounts followed Associate in Nursing announcement Wed that the retail large can enter the smartphone redemption market -- dubbed "re-commerce" by several within the business -- and can settle for trade-ins of older handsets.

In a unleash Tuesday touting its new holding program, Walmart aforementioned it'd supply $300 credit toward a replacement phone for a working-condition iPhone five. that is slightly but the $310 that re-commerce player antelope pays -- in money -- for Associate in Nursing iPhone five.

Apple has taken a beating on Wall Street for the iPhone 5c's evaluation. Wednesday, investors drove down Apple shares by five.4%, though as of 12:45 p.m. ET weekday, costs had climbed one.6% since the gap bell. different analysts, however, have discovered that Apple's refusal to travel lower and directly contend on worth is in step with its decades-old strategy of positioning its devices as premium, luxury merchandise.

U.S. carriers Sprint and Verizon have aforementioned on their websites that they'll begin taking on-line pre-orders for the iPhone 5c beginning at 12:01 a.m. PT Friday. Presumably, Apple can open its own on-line store for 5c pre-orders at identical time.
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