When a court found Apple (AAPL) guilty of being the provoker in associate degree industrywide theme to repair the worth of e-books, the Department of Justice wanted to use the choice to alter not solely the method the corporate sold-out e-books,
however the method it sells each different form of digital content. however any sweeping amendment to the App Store can need to wait: during a ruling free Fri, choose Denise shelter gave the govt abundant of what it wanted—but solely within the restricted sphere of digital books.

Cote’s ruling prohibits Apple from getting into alleged treaty clauses with book publishers, that warranted Apple’s worth would be as low as its competitors’, whereas additionally prohibiting Apple from linguistic communication agreements that allow publishers set the costs of their own books. betting on the publisher, these restrictions on agency agreements last 2 to four years. to prevent any emergent conspiracies before they get cracking, Apple is additionally restricted from telling publishers what it's doing with their competitors, together with the methods they’re victimisation and also the costs they’ve set. the corporate can’t do something with publishers that may be seemingly to steer different retailers to extend, fix, or set costs on the e-books they sell. associate degree external compliance monitor can make certain Apple isn’t violating the agreements.

The Justice Department’s wider request would have established similar restrictions throughout Apple’s App Store. Anticompetitive behavior in one field would look identical in another, prosecutors argued. however the choose aforesaid she was disquieted concerning hampering the company’s ability to introduce. Her ruling will say that Apple can’t treat corporations marketing e-books through the App Store any otherwise than those marketing different sorts of digital product, to shield Apple against creating it significantly troublesome to contend against its own e-books. however she specifically allowed the corporate to experiment with new forms of apps that may sell digital content in several ways that.
STORY: Apple's control Guilt will not amendment the E-Book Market

Apple has warned that any restrictions on the method it sells content would hamper competition. We’ll see if that’s true for e-books. except for currently a minimum of, the corporate is off the hook for everything else.

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