Every day, we tend to hear that somebody Facebook account is hacked? these days we tend to gonna see the way to defend Facebook account from hackers. There square measure many stuff you will do to shield yourself from being hacked. we are going to undergo every step very well.

Here square measure some tips to forestall obtaining hacked ........

Use robust passwords
You should not use your number,your name, your married person, parents, siblings or dog, or your birthday as your word. Use a combination of letters, digits and punctuation (but not blank spaces). Use each capital and lowercase  letters. The longer your word, the better. The shorter your word, the better it's to hack, particularly if it’s a typical word or name. an honest start line is six characters, though 8, ten or twelve square measure even higher. If you have got hassle basic cognitive process, do one thing that, else think about employing associate degree uncommon phrase or band of words that solely you or many folks may apprehend, then substitute a number of the letters with digits and/or punctuation. bantering combos may create it easier to recollect, however otherwise write your word down in an exceedingly SAFE place. or simply keep exploitation the “Forgot word?” choice to reset your password.
There square measure some web site that you just will use to get robust word on-line. One example web site is powerful word Generator.

Change your word often
By often I mean monthly or maybe weekly, not yearly. Facebook’s “Forgot password?” possibility is a way, otherwise you will head to your account’s settings.

Don’t friend everybody
That “hot chick” whom you don’t apprehend and appears like some Hollywood actress may be a man. Avoid the one that doesn’t even have a profile pic, including any friends in common with you. If you haven’t met them, take care. Also, don’t friend friends whom you recognize to use weak passwords. If their account is compromised, hackers will still learn bound things regarding you from your profile, or might send you a message via the friend’s account to lure you to a malware web site.......

Don’t believe all emails
Don’t forget that honest net services can ne'er raise you {to do|to try to to|to try associate degreed do} bound things in an email. for instance, Facebook can ne'er send you associate degree email asking you to alter your word or enter personal details. If they have you to try and do that, they're going to tell you wherever in your account settings you'll head to do this. On an identical note, defend your email account that you just registered for Facebook with, else somebody will achieve resetting your Facebook word.

Don’t click on Crafted links
Sending link to a victim could be a common apply of phishing attack, don’t enter word indiscriminately web site unless you're confirmed, its a facebook login page. additionally see the link once you click on a standing update that a “friend” announce on your wall and it's queer, don’t assume they really did it. Their account might be compromised. If you’re clicking takes you to a Facebook application that you’re unsure of, there’s no obligation to click through.
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